Domestic Violence & Abuse

The very nature of domestic violence is such that accessing statutory services and voluntary sector support may be a barrier for some.

My past and current work in the charity sector informs my therapeutic approach with adults, children and young people who are or have experienced trauma from life events and more specifically domestic violence and abuse.

Domestic violence is a repeated pattern of behaviour caused by the need to control and coerce a partner. The misuse of power and control which can escalate to violence and abuse.

Domestic Violence & Children and Young People

The impact of domestic violence & abuse on children and young people can be devastating for all involved, with conflicting emotions and unanswered questions. I can help in making sense of those emotions and finding  strengths to build on and strategies to support positive change.

Many children can display internalised behaviours such as low self-esteem, low self-confidence, mistrust in adults, attachment and relationship issues, anxiety and depression. Other children can display externalised behaviours such as antisocial risky behaviour, hostility, angry displays (violence and aggression), promiscuous sexual activity, inappropriate peer relationships.

I have vast experience and a great understanding of child development and how the trauma of experiencing domestic violence and abuse impacts on this, making every day experiences, such as attending school, coping with interactions with family, peers, and authority figures challenging and unsettling.

Every day I see the effect this has on development through inconsistent attendance at school, and diffuculty with social skills.

I  can support children and young people through counselling, therapeutic mentoring or group work  and work with adults and parents through individual counselling, family or group therapy.

Each experience is individual and I’ll work with you to provide a safe, non- judgemental space for exploration of your thoughts feelings and behaviours, at a pace led by your child to work towards a better state of well being.


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